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Sarah is the founder and principal mediator at QuickSplit Mediation Services of Buffalo. In conjunction with managing the day to day business operations, she also serves as the lead mediation specialist for Buffalo Divorce Mediation Solutions. With a diverse background in Law Enforcement, Journalism and Private Investigations, Sarah has received extensive training in the nuances of conflict resolution and de-escalation- both of which are paramount to a successful mediation. She has also received State approved mediation training, with an emphasis on Family and Divorce Mediation. As a Certified Divorce Mediator, Sarah maintains active membership with the Academy of Professional Mediators and New York State Dispute Resolution Association.

Sarah Martinez - Founder & Principal Mediator

Advanced Divorce Mediation Solutions, QuickSplit Mediation Services LLC.

Divorce Mediation Services

Buffalo Advanced Divorce Mediation provides personalized divorce and separation mediation services in Buffalo NY and surrounding areas. Mediations can be conducted remotely via video or phone, or in person at one of our Western NY offices.

Whatever your situation may be, (still together, separated, or planning divorce), we can help.

Through divorce and separation mediation, we work through conflict and disagreement with empathy, experience and resolution. We work together in addressing every obstacle that interferes with your ability to move forward, and we develop a plan that works for your new future.

Parenting & Family Mediation Services

We help parents create parenting plans for their children, in conjunction with child support and spousal support arrangements. Through mediation, parents work together to build the best possible plan that works for everyone involved, including the children. Unlike conventional divorce litigation, mediation puts you both in control of your decisions and agreements.

Mediation provides parents the opportunity to discuss difficult topics such as support plans and child custody, in a non contentious atmosphere. Meaningful and constructive conversations are encouraged, and parties move at their own pace. Once agreements have been reached, the mediator will draft the appropriate documents that outline the plans established.

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