Our Divorce And Family Mediation Services In Buffalo, NY

It’s natural to be enthusiastic about winning your divorce proceeding or custody case. But in reality, litigation is unpredictable and expensive. There’s a lot at stake if the case should go sideways, and even if you win, going to trial takes a financial and emotional toll on everyone.

Buffalo Advanced Divorce Mediations offers quality divorce mediation services to provide you with a platform to work out your own solutions, without battling it out in court. We help you and your family reach a peaceful and compassionate dissolution through mediation.

Professional Divorce Mediation

Divorce isn’t always easy. It can be emotionally, financially, and mentally draining for you, your spouse, and the children. Unfortunately, divorce costs an average of $50,000+ through litigation, and many months (or years for some) of contentious court proceedings.

Many people are unaware that there is an easier, more efficient, and fair divorce process that couples can embark upon to make separation smooth and peaceful. Divorce Mediation is an alternative solution to expensive attorneys and arduous court proceedings, and is recognized by the courts as a legal method of divorce resolution.

Rather than allowing the state courts to decide the outcome of your divorce proceeding, which may take years, our professional divorce mediation services in Buffalo establish a confidential and compassionate process that allows you to control the outcome, keeping you and your spouse focused, and not battling over past resentments or selfish interest.

Engaging a professional and quality mediator makes divorce easier, faster, and less expensive. It also makes the next chapter of your new relationship less hostile, which is fundamental when children are involved.

Child Parenting Plans

We will assist you and your partner in choosing your own custody arrangements.

Here’s a breakdown of the child parenting plans we can help you decide on during the divorce:

Sole Custody: One parent can make choices alone, or in tandem with the other parent. These choices involve health records, academic reports, and extracurricular activities.
Residential/Physical Custody: This describes your child’s primary place of residence. The child will still spend time and interact with the non-residential parent. It is also possible that both parties will provide a joint residence, which can be specified in their contract.
Bird’s Nest: Under this arrangement, one parent lives someplace else for a prearranged time, while the children stay in the previous marital residence. The parents will alternate days with the children at the house. This is frequently a short-term agreement to help the kids adjust to the change and reduce the parents’ financial burden.
Shared Parenting: This can occur in various ways; however, it calls for parents to spend equal time with their kids. This allows everyone engaged to see as much of one another as possible. We can help you achieve this with a clear and definite plan.

Child Support

In New York, parents are required to provide for their children financially, and this is where child support comes into play. Child support is solely financial and is normally determined by percentages and state mandates. With mediation, parents can choose to use the NYS formula, or they can decide together what the child support will be, based on their personal agreements and considerations. Child support amounts are determined by either the formula, or the alternative agreements made through mediation.


In New York, a married couple can also choose to participate in Mediation to achieve separation, as opposed to divorce. Separation does not formally end the marriage; but instead provides a temporary period of living apart, while continuing to maintain their parental and spousal support obligations. Buffalo Advanced Divorce Mediations can help you and your spouse decide on the specifics of a formal/legal separation.Through Mediation, decisions as to each spouse’s rights and obligations are established through a written agreement.

Alimony And Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance is financial assistance one party provides to their spouse before, during, and after a divorce. The phrases “alimony,” “spousal maintenance,” and “spousal support” are interchangeable. Alimony aims to create a financial equilibrium between the parties involved, to prevent unjust financial consequences from the divorce.

If using conventional divorce proceedings ( such as litigation and divorce attorneys) the court will determine how much alimony is to be paid. Alternatively, if using Mediation to reach your divorce agreements, alimony and support amounts can be negotiated between parties, as opposed to being agreed for the parties by a court official. Many couples prefer to use mediation for their agreements, as it provides each party with the opportunity to self manage their divorce outcome. The length of the marriage, each party’s physical and mental well-being, age, the established standard of living, and the contributions made by both parties —both material and nonmaterial—are all taken into account when determining the amount of alimony that will be paid.

We do not provide legal advice but can assist you in reaching a consensual and mutually agreeable resolution to this issue.

Uncontested Divorce

Our divorce mediation services are meant to assist both parties in settling out of court in an uncontested divorce. Unlike a trial-based divorce, an uncontested divorce can proceed swiftly and at a significantly lower cost.

Although no one ever gets into a marriage to divorce their partner at some point, the reality is that almost half of marriages in the United States now terminate in divorce. The dissolution of your marriage will include the stress of numerous court appearances and substantial legal fees for a divorce attorney, unless an agreement is reached for an uncontested divorce in New York.

Benefits Of Divorce Mediation


Protect your privacy in an impartial setting, without the hassle of a trial or other legal process.


Unlike disputed litigation, which can take years to resolve, the entire procedure can be finished in as little as one month and requires two to three sessions on average.

Reduced Stress

Each side is free to steer the process in their way and come to a mutually beneficial conclusion. This strategy decreases contention and enhances your connection after settlement, enabling us to proceed at a comfortable pace.

Less expensive

In New York State, the average cost of a contested divorce through divorce attorneys is approximately $45,000. The cost of mediation ranges from $3000-$5000, depending on the service area and company. At Buffalo Advanced Divorce Mediations, we keep your total costs below $5K.

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